Are These 2 Technology Stocks To Trade For 2020?

One of the fastest-growing industries in China in the last few years has been the e-commerce industry, which has benefitted from trends such as a growing middle class, high smartphone penetration, extensive logistics networks, rising incomes, and more…

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3 Stocks To Watch In 2020, 1 Up 200% in 2019

Who says there are no winners in the trade war between the U.S. and China? With Chinese economy expected to be resilient during negotiation period, we expect the Chinese will respond to the trade war by increasingly spending money on products made in their own country, eschewing foreign goods when possible. Also, we must not forget China remains an important manufacturing hub for the West…

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2 Stocks To Watch On The Second Week of 2020

As Lunar New Year holiday is around the corner, which falls around late January this year. At EastMoneyStocks, we believe that your money can still work for you, even while you are away from work. To do that, we consider 2 stocks with strong fundamentals that hold their value across time. Let’s dive in into these stocks that are particularly good for beginner investors because of their strong balance sheets, positive free cash flows, and competitive advantages:

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