The Latest Global Economic Uncertainty Has Investors Flocking To Safe Haven Gold Mining Stocks & Junior Miners Like IMC International Mining Corp.(CSE:IMCX) Could Be Creating Immediate Access To Top Gold Mining Projects, Now!

Open up a newspaper or turn on the TV and you’ll see plenty of people talking about the state of the global economy. All this is happening as global debt heads toward brand new record highs thanks to the U.S. and China. 

These two nations contributed over 60% of the US$7.5 trillion increase in global debt over the first half of 2019, according to the Institute of International Finance. The overall debt load stood at over US$250 trillion at the end of June, equivalent to 320% of global gross domestic product. And all of this has contributed to massive volatility in the market.

Gold has long been a safe haven stock. But as the market turned toward tech, precious metal stocks took a back seat…until now. Could the timing of gold’s next bull run be perfect right now?

Let’s look at things that have historically helped gold prices skyrocket in the past:

  • Geopolitical stress
  • Declining interest rates
  • A weaker dollar
  • Global economic slowdowns
  • Big accumulation by billionaires investors

Read on and you’ll see that every single one of these events is happening right now. Better yet is that these aren’t things that can be remedied overnight. What that means is that the bull market for gold could just be getting started.

Junior Gold Stocks Stand To Present The Biggest Opportunities

IMC International Mining Corp. (IMCX) is a junior exploration and development company. It’s focused on the advancement of its assets. This includes the Bullard Pass Property in Arizona as well as future prospects for additional mining operations. 

Obviously, you have the gold mining giants:

  • Freeport McMoRan (FCX)
  • Barrick Gold (ABX)
  • Newmont Goldcorp (NGT)
  • Yamana Gold (YRI)

But according to a recent article that was published on The Street it may be time for investors to give their attention to the “little guys” aka the Small Cap Gold Stocks. 

Within this article, The Street talks about the big advantages investing in small-cap gold stocks holds above blue chips saying “the juniors tend to be more volatile than the majors, jumping faster in rallies, and falling further in routs. Now that gold prices seem to be on the march higher we can expect juniors to race ahead of the major gold stocks.”

the street gold stocks to buy

On top of this, The Street also talks about timing, like we did, stating that smaller mining companies (and their investors) stand to benefit from the mergers and acquisitions events in the industry. 

This is a great example of a small-cap company utilizing its relationships with credible, larger entities to forward their corporate missions. The reason being is that to some extent, all mining companies are worth the value of the gold in the ground that they own. The problem is that as they mine that metal they need to replenish it or risk having no resources left. This is a big risk for larger mining companies but presents a huge advantage for their more nimble small-cap counterparts

Connecting the Dots:

The gold market has been dominated by large-cap companies that can be far out of reach for many investors based on the hefty price tag. But as we’ve seen, small-cap gold stocks can bring big opportunities. These small companies, armed with cash and a few unproven mining prospects, have the potential to quickly create fortunes for their investors in a literal search for buried treasure. And thanks to junior mining stocks rallying in a big way this year, the hunt for the next big “junior” is beginning.

Similarly, when investors look at IMC International Mining Corp. (IMCX)they will notice that the company is indeed a small-cap stock and like The Street mentioned, is a junior gold stock strategically positioning itself to take full advantage of gold prices, now. It has begun doing so through very recent deals that could increase IMC International Mining Corp. (IMCX)‘s gold assets in a major way.

IMC International Mining Corp. (IMCX) could present a much larger opportunity right now as it has just begun trading publicly. The importance of timing couldn’t be greater right now for those looking at IMC International Mining Corp. (IMCX). Not only is the gold market red hot but the company’s current projects could present significant opportunities.

buy gold stocks

Its 100% owned Bullard Pass Property in Arizona could also have untapped potential. In fact, in an amended and restated NI 43-101 Technical Report, the author suggests that the Bullard Pass property is a “property of merit and further exploration is warranted.” What that means is that IMC International Mining Corp. (IMCX) could be sitting on a true “gold mine.” 

What Does The Bullard Pass Present For IMC International (IMCX)?

For many who invest in gold, they may look beyond North America for speculative bets on gold exploration. However, in the case of IMC International Mining Corp. (IMCX), the Bullard Pass Property could be a huge untapped resource as it stands today. Its property is currently comprised of roughly 3,896 acres in the Harcuvar and Harquahala Mountains in Yavapai County, Arizona. 

Now, these are the basics of the property and before I get to the specifics, let’s look what makes a property potentially good for gold mining because obviously, this is very important for junior mining companies:

  1. Rich mineralization in soil samples: many times associated with volcanic or ancient volcanic systems
  2. Access: Easy access in and out of a property allows for less expense in actually engineering an entire roadway system
  3. History: Though many companies will focus on untapped resources, it’s important to note the previous history of an area can greatly increase the chances of future success. It’s also important to see which companies (if any) have also set sights on a given mining region.

Okay, so where does this leave IMC International Mining Corp. (IMCX) and its Arizona property?


According to the company, the limited exposures in the low hills indicate the hanging wall of the fault is comprised largely of Tertiary volcanic and sedimentary rocks. Native gold is associated with iron oxides. IMC International Mining Corp. (IMCX) has reported that in shear zones, iron oxyhydroxide and copper oxide minerals are present. Thanks to this type of mineralization, the location could suggest optimal conditions for gold discovery.


This is relatively simple to look at on a map. The property is directly accessed via main roads and highways. There are also dirt roads already made that allow access to the property. In comparison to some claims in other countries, bad conditions where trees need clearing, roads actually need building, and where there may not be any highways in the area make it incredibly hard and capital intensive for junior mining companies. For IMC International Mining Corp. (IMCX) this doesn’t appear to be a hurdle.

There is also a Historic Gold Mine, Ghost Town and large Mining Museum less than 15km east of IMC International Mining Corp. (IMCX)‘s property. As well, there is a functioning mill 20km SE of its claims where it could have its ore processed.

gold stocks to buy IMCX Bullard Pass


Finally, we need to look at the history of the property. According to IMC International Mining Corp. (IMCX), district production totals were 614,000 pounds of copper, 3,600 ounces of gold, and 15,000 ounces of silver from 17,000 tons mined that occurred between 1933 and 1956. But what’s more, is that exploration from 2007-2008 showed that survey data were positive showing samples collected within the patented claims had soil indicating mineralization exists.

Who else has focused on this mining region? NRG Resources and Unity Mining Co. to name a few. You may have also heard of one of the world’s largest mining companies, Freeport McMoRan Gold Co which also had targeted this region. 

Furthermore, in 1992 the history and geology of the Bullard district were summarized in Arizona Geological Survey Open-File Report 92-1, titled Mineral Deposits of the Bullard District, Harcuvar Mountains, Yavapai County, Arizona. The report states that “the mineralogic and structural similarities of the Bullard and Copperstone districts suggest that potential exists for a major gold deposit in the area of the Bullard district”. 

Connecting More Dots

IMC International Mining Corp. (IMCX) has a property that essentially meets all 3 criteria of an area that could be optimal for gold production. On top of that, an Arizona Geological report directly states that there’s potential for a major gold deposit to be in the Bullard district. 

Right now the company has staked 22 claims on the property and has staked additional claims to increase it to 171 claims. Not to mention that some of the leading mining companies in the world have also seen that the Bullard property could hold significant opportunities for metal production.

The timing for investors to look at the gold sector is very important especially right now. Further, the potential catalysts related to the development of Bullard Pass could be too big to ignore for IMC International Mining Corp. (IMCX). That’s especially true considering the market is speculating on the next big move for junior gold miners

Investors Are Looking For The Next Place To “Strike Gold”

The key to scoring big with gold stocks is to be ready before the big move comes and to be in front of the right gold opportunities. Historically speaking, some of the biggest returns have come from the junior stocks:

Roxgold investors who played the last big gold boom saw shares skyrocket from $0.38 to nearly $2.30… 497%

Investors who bought shares of gold company New Gold Inc.prior to the big gold market move, saw the stock trade below C$1.50 and road a wave to highs of more than C$14… 1,167%

Victoria Gold Corp moved from just $0.11 to highs of $1.55 during the last gold rush… 1,309%

Guyana Goldfields traded under $0.70 just as the last gold rush hit, with early investors that could have ridden that momentum to highs of $11.79… 1,609%

Early buyers of Wesdome Gold saw the stock at levels under C$0.50 and had a chance to ride that to highs of nearly $6… 1,722%

And there are countless other examples of just how massive a gold price breakout can be for junior gold stocks and one junior gold mining stock may be on the verge of striking a major payload!


The world’s largest gold companies have been busy acquiring rivals within the last year, with Barrick Gold buying Randgold Resources in January and Newmont Mining acquiring Goldcorp in April.

The gold mining industry is set for a “wave of mergers and acquisitions” as smaller miners seek to consolidate to capitalize on higher prices. Smaller companies may be able to prospect for new ore deposits but larger ones will tend to have a hard time discovering large enough deposits to make a difference. Hence you could see larger companies deciding to buy smaller ones.

best gold stocks to buy now.jpg

Keep in mind that it isn’t just larger companies acquiring gold assets. Billionaire investors have also begun to position their portfolios. Billionaire hedge fund manager and DoubleLine Capital founder, Jeffrey Gundlach said in a recent interview, “I am certainly long gold…Gold and commodities broadly should benefit this year.”

But he’s not alone either. Legendary investor Paul Tudor Jones said that gold is his favorite trade for the next year or two, “I think one of the best trades is gonna be gold. If I had to pick my favorite [bet] for the next 12 to 24 months, it’d probably be gold.” The yellow metal “has everything going for it,” he said, adding that if it can reach $1,400 an ounce, it will push to $1,700 “rather quickly.”

Other hedge fund managers, including Ray Dalio, David Einhorn, and John Paulson, have also started building gold positions. If billionaires like these have started accumulating gold, the writing could already be on the walls.

Meet The IMC International Mining Corp. (IMCX) Leadership Team 

IMC International Mining Corp. (IMCX) has a leadership team comprised of some of the most experienced people in the mining industry today. In fact, as you’ll read, these top tier leaders have been part of some of the biggest deals in the mining industry as a whole, starting with its CEO!

Brian Thurston, P.Geo
President, Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Secretary, Director

best gold stocks Brian Thurston, P.Geo

Mr. Thurston is a professional geologist and holds an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from the University of Western Ontario. Mr. Thurston has over 26 years’ experience working as a geologist around the globe including North, Central and South America, Africa and India. He has experience working on projects from grassroots to feasibility level. Mr. Thurston was instrumental in the initial exploration, land acquisition and development of Aurelian Resources’ Ecuador grassroots exploration and held the position of Country Manager in Ecuador from 2004 to 2006. Kinross in 2008 acquired Aurelian Resources in a $1.2B friendly deal. Mr. Thurston transitioned from geologist to corporate positions in 2004 and has founded several public companies and held positions of director and officer, as well as served on multiple committees including audit, disclosure, and corporate governance. 

Eli Dusenbury
Chief Financial Officer

best gold stocks Eli Dusenbury

Mr. Dusenbury has extensive experience in public accounting, providing services to both public and private sector clients reporting in Canada and in the U.S. over a broad range of industries including, but not limited to, technology, agriculture, engineering, mining & exploration, manufacturing and financing. 

Mr. Dusenbury obtained his Chartered Professional Accountant designation in 2011 and holds a BBA in business and accounting from Capilano University. Mr. Dusenbury has served as consultant for audit and public practice firms in both Canada and the US and has held CFO positions for: Integral Technologies, Inc. (resigned June 2018), YDX Innovation Corp. (since October 2017), Isodiol International Inc. (since August 2018) and Chemesis (since September 2018).

Faizaan Lalani

best gold stocks Faizaan Lalani

Mr. Lalani is an accounting and finance professional with over 9 years of experience covering audit, financial reporting, corporate finance, and operations management. Mr. Lalani previously worked in the audit and assurance group at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Canada, where he obtained his CPA, CA designation, gaining vast experience in accounting practices in both the public and private sectors during his tenure. Mr. Lalani has also served as a Senior Accountant for Portliving, a Vancouver based real estate development company, since 2016 and, from 2014 to 2016, Mr. Lalani served as a Senior Accountant with Century Group, a Vancouver real estate development company. 

In 2015, Mr. Lalani founded his own apparel company, Encima Clothing, which focused on the high-end men’s apparel market. From 2015 to 2018, Mr. Lalani oversaw Encima’s brand development and sales and marketing roll-out across North America, but primarily focused on the West Coast. Being the sole owner and creative director of Encima Clothing has allowed Mr. Lalani to gain marketing and branding experience. Mr. Lalani also serves as a director of GreenStar Biosciences Corp., a CSE-listed distributor of cannabis-derived products, assisting the company with private pre-lPO capital raises in excess of $7 million for operating and acquisition purposes. 

Mike Aujla

best gold stocks Mike Aujla

Mr. Aujla brings over 16 years of experience acting as a lawyer, director and officer for both public and private companies. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of British Columbia and a Juris doctor from the University of Victoria. Mr. Aujla was previously a corporate lawyer who worked with international law firms. 

He has experience advising companies in financial services, corporate mergers and acquisitions and commercial real estate in various jurisdictions. Mr. Aujla is currently the Founding Partner of Hunter West Legal Recruitment since Sept 2017. Previously, Mr. Aujla worked for a private Legal Recruitment firm in Vancouver from 2011-2016. 

Greg Hawkins, M.SC., P.Geo
Advisory Board

Mr. Hawkins holds a BSc in Geology from the University of Alberta and an MSc in Mineral Economics from McGill University. He has been involved in the Mining Exploration and Investment industries since 1969 and lived in Ghana from 1993-2007 while pursuing his career. He has been variously responsible for the identification and/or delineation of 10 mineral deposits in Canada, USA, Chile, Ghana, Mali and Zaire (DRC). 

Mr. Hawkins was the Founding Project Consultant and/or Founding Director of seven public and private Exploration/Development ventures (Brehm Mining, Dayton Mining, Nevsun Resources, Banro Resource Corp., Tagish Lake Gold Corp., African Gold Group, Yellowhead Mining Inc.) and has participated in or been responsible for the definition of at least one resource/reserve in every case, with six of those cases resulting in production in the USA, Chile, Ghana, Mali, and DRC. These ventures collectively have accounted for over $2.1 billion in market cap at the companies’ respective peaks. 

In 1990 he started CME, an international full-service consultancy and contracting firm that has served over 100 clients in 25 countries and has employed over 3000 people. He has authored and presented a number of papers on exploration, exploration philosophy and mineral economics since 1979 and in 2004 he was awarded the Frank Woodside Past Presidents Award by the British Columbia and Yukon Chamber of Mines in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the mining industry. 

5 Key Points on IMC International Mining Corp. (IMCX)

  1. IMC International Mining Corp. (IMCX) is exploring the Bullard Pass, an area cited by numerous reports to be a potential host to a “major gold deposit in the area.”
  2. The history, access, and mineralization of Bullard Pass in Arizona has all of the makings to suggest that its property is optimal for gold discovery.
  3. IMC International Mining Corp. (IMCX) has assembled a team of management with decades of experience in mining. Some have even been part of major buyouts by some of the world’s largest gold companies.
  4. The rising price of gold has billionaire investors bullish on junior gold stocks specifically.
  5. Geopolitical unrest and slowing global economies could ensure a strong argument for a longer-term bull trend for gold prices.

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