3 High-Yielding Stocks To Watch This Week

With the first known case in December of 2019, the death toll from the Wuhan coronavirus now stands at over 800, more than death toll from SARS. To contain the spread, many companies are requesting their employees to work from home and factories to shut down production until further notice. Also, the Chinese government has quarantined millions of people while institutions around the world have spent enormous resources to develop a vaccine or cure…

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Is Bamboos Health Care Holdings Limited A Hidden Gem?

Bamboos Health Care Holdings Limited (HKG:2293) (“Bamboos”) is a leading provider of healthcare staff solution services in Hong Kong. As of 13th January 2020, the Group has a market capitalisation of approximately HK$400.0 million. In this article, we will take a closer look at the business, management and financial aspects of the Group, to see if it is worth an investment.

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ByteDance-Owned Apps See Sharp Surge in China Downloads Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

ByteDance appears to be a beneficiary of China’s coronavirus outbreak, with three of its apps making it onto App Annie’s top 5 list of non-game apps by downloads on Apple’s App Store in China this January.

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